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Chronic Diarrhea

I have recently found out chronic diarreah is a big problem for a large amount of people.  Generally the people who have these symptoms are too thin, always tired, and have no energy.  They can't eat anything without it going right through them.  They have been to many doctors and practioners who have tried fruitlessly to help them, often telling them that they just have to live with it.  

In a worst case scene that I have witnessed in my own clinic, a young patient was on his way to the University of Utah to have a Nasogastric tube put in to allow food to be directly in the digestive system, as he vomited up anything that he ate, or he was presented with diarreah a short time after he ate.  This was a young person who loved playing soccer, and otherwise was a very viable young man.  They had heard about me from other patients who have expereinced relief here.  He was losing 4 pounds a week, and needing much to gain weight.  After just one treatment here at Eagle Rock, he stopped vomitting, and his diarreah decreased.  In a matter of a month he had gained enough weight and strength to be able to return to the soccer field.  It was such a vaste difference in his health and well-being.  In particular with this patient, he has severe lung issues - that was creating a vaccum into the thoraic cavity.  We combined a lung treatment and then a digestive system treatment to help him overcome his impairments.  As we found out, he had severe asthema and pulmonary problems as a young child that left him with impairments that would only appear as functionally limiting symptoms later in life as a teenager.  

It is embarrassing to admit, and sometimes the solutions just aren't there in regular medical care.  If you are finding a need to help you overcome your diarreah, try Eagle Rock Physical Therapy - it can help!