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Stomach Pain

What is worse than not being able to sleep at night due to the constant burning in the stomach and throat from heartburn and acid reflux?  Then, the worry of what to eat and what not to eat due to the constant threat of feeling it in your throat hours after eating...its very taxing.  
At Eagle Rock Physical Therapy, we have several tools to help cure the problems that cause heartburn and acid reflux.  This is through a combination of manual therapy to promote proper movement of the chyme (food contents) through the digestive tract, and working with the 5 digestive sphincters that direct the flow of the chyme through the digestive tract.  
We spend a lot of time with patient education at Eagle Rock Physical Therapy.  We want to fill your toolbox full of tools you can use at home to help yourself get over heartburn and acid reflux and finally stop taking that purple pill.