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Chronic Pain and Injury 

At Eagle Rock Physical Therapy, we use a wide array of tools to help people get out of pain, improve their life, and get moving.  An integral part of those tools are exercises.  We design and implement very specific exercises for every part of the body that we treat.  Included on this website are more general exercises that might be of benefit to those who want remember exercises learned in the clinic, and also those who might want to self-treat their pain before seeking further help.  Remember, depending on your condition, the nature of your ailment/pain, and the presentation of the dysfunction causing your pain, these exercises might hurt.  That is when we would use our phenomenal manual/hands-on treatment to make it so these exercises help you feel better and not visa-versa.  So always take extra pre-caution when starting a new exercise treatment.  

Please choose from the location of your pain below for a basic explanation of that ailment and a few basic exercises the might help alleviate your pains - nobody wants to be in pain!