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There are few ailments that can happen to the human body more disabling, life-altering, and difficult to treat than a headache. Headaches cause disability, limitations, and decreased ability to live a normal life.  At Eagle Rock Physical Therapy we have been able to help many people overcome their headaches to be able to live a productive, active life.  They have been able to return to work, return to their families, and return to happiness.  We take extra time to teach a self-help Home Exercise Program that will enable you to recognize how to decreased your own headache symptoms.  It is a joy to help someone overcome this ailment - especially after they have been to several providers and still experienced no results.  Below are a few exercises that might be beneficial to improving your headache. If your headache worsens with these movements, or your headaches don't improve - consider coming to Eagle Rock Physical Therapy to help you achieve a headache-free life! 
IMPROVE POSTURE - One of the most important ways to achieve a state of being headache free is achieving better posture.  This diagram shows what can happen when we have poor posture - and imagine the extra strain on the tiny, overworked neck muscles as they try to hold up the weight of the  head (10-15 lbs)- which doubles in weight for every inch over the plum line that it is forward.  So, obey your mom and "straighten up!"
MYOFASCIAL TRIGGER POINTS- It is now well known it the scientific literature and accepted in the medical community that trigger points can be a cause of headaches.  At Eagle Rock Physical Therapy we are the investigators as we try and find where these trigger points are located and then to release these trigger points and thus release the headache associated with those trigger points.  We use this treatment - combined with joint mobilizations of the OA (atlanto-occipital)joint, as well as the cervical spine joints, the manibrial sternal joint (angle of Louis).  With these treatments we have been able to witness patients achieving a head-ache free status at Eagle Rock Physical Therapy.
NECK RETRACTION - Pull chin straight back - not up or down - straight back.  Do not complete if distal symptoms are felt into arms.  It is as if you are trying to make a double-chin for yourself.