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Neuropathy, Nerve Pain

Nerve pain is a growing problem in our society, due to the increase in prevelance of diabetes, and also a tendancy towards repetitive and sendentary jobs and lifestyles.  Nerves need to move, that is the bottom line, and if they don't get movement, they can get damaged, pinched, and squeezed.  This causes numbness, tingling, pain, weakness, and decreased function.  People will report the accidental dropping of items, or an increase in weakness, and decreased sensation into the hands and feet, or in more progressed states of nerve damage - to entire arms and legs.  Walking is painful, and sleeping sometimes impossible due to the tingling into the affected arm or leg.  Many times people do have diabetes, and many times they don't have diabetes, but the key to resolving these nerve-type pains is finding the area of restriction and apply direct and specific mobilizations (called nerve-glides) to those nerves to allow them to heal.  This healing will allow the nerves to provide appropriate sensation and strength to specified area of nerve distribution.  
At Eagle Rock Physical Thearpy we have been able to help people who have nerve pains.  These are people with and without diabetes who have functional limitations from nerve damage.  We have identified the injured nerves, and where they are injured and provided the nerve glides to allow them to heal and live a more funcitonal life.  
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