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Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel is a very common symptom driving people to the doctor and into the surgical room for a "Carpal Tunnel Release."  The numbness in the hands becomes overwhelming and cumbersome to live with, and people will do anything to relieve these symptoms, even going into surgery.  Although this surgery is rather benign (compared to other more invasive surgeries), it is a still another cut into the body, and should be avoided, if it can be avoided.    
At Eagle Rock Physical Therapy we have attended continuing education courses specifically on the nerves that affect the hand - specifically the median and ulnar nerve.  We have learned where these nerves can be impinged, pinched, or restricted and how to gently and specifically glide these nerves to restore their health and function.  A very commmon complaint I hear in my clinic is that a patient will still have hand pain and numbness even after a carpal tunnel release surgery.  In many cases we have been able to help these patients and had they come to us before the surgery, they wouldn't have the scars representing surgery so commonly seen below the wrists on many people.  Our goal is to restore the hand strength and sensation of people who have the common and dreaded "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome."  We like to see return of at least some sensation in the very first treatment, to show to us, and you, as the patient, that this treatment will provide relief of symptoms.  We also teach and educate patients on what they can do in their home so that when they have these symptoms in the future they will have a toolbox full of tools to help treat themselves to provide healing relief.  
Carpal Tunnel Stretch
This is a good stretch to at least start with - simply put your hands together, with the fingers pointing up - and then move the hands down.  You should feel a stretch on the wrist area.  If this is actually causing the symptoms, you might have a reproduction, or worsening of the symptoms.  Move the hands down till you get to the feather edge of the pain and hold 5-10 seconds, and relax.  The symptoms should decrease.  Complete 10-15 times.  Complete that 2-3 times a day.