Neuropathy in the Feet
Neuropathy that extends into the feet is a big problem, costing millions of dollars.  People can't feel their feet, and they step on a tack, or a nail, or they develop a wound in the feet.  This wound gets infected and needs wound care for proper healing.  In the worst case, they need an amputation due to infection.  
At Eagle Rock Physical Therapy we understand the problems that can come from neuropathy in the feet.  In many cases it is not true neuropathy, but a nerve impingement of the sciatic nerve, posterior tibial nerve, or the plantar nerve (medial or lateral) that is causing the neuropathy.  We have taken many continuing education classes where we have learned how to find where these nerves might be restricted, or pinched, and how to induce movement through gentle glides and mobilizations to restore the health and viability of the nerve.  Many times a doctor will just say, "its diabetic neuropathy, just live with it."  Here at Eagle Rock we don't want you to just "live with it" but we want to work with you to heal from it.  The nerves are delicate and wonderful structures that provide strength, sensation, and movement.  Each nerve is surrounded by a blood vessel, so if that nerve is restricted, or pinched in an anyway, the nerve can be cut off, and also the blood supply to that nerve can be cut off - limiting both the healing and the sensation to that nerve.  So we try, ever so delicately, to help these ailing nerves regain their blood supply, their movement, and their viability, so that sensation and strength might return, thus offering us, as humans, to continue to live an enjoyable and rewarding life without nerve pain.
I have added these stretches here for the neuropathy in the feet as they might be your solution - try these first for some relief of your neuropathy pains.  
The piriformis stretch is a great way to alleviate some sciatic symptoms - the piriformis muscle runs right over the sciatic nerve and by stretching this muscle, the opening for the sciatic nerve might be opened a little, insomuch that there could be a decrease in pains
This is a little bit less of a dynamic stretch - but can be productive nonetheless for stretching the piriformis muscle and relieving some pain on the sciatic nerve.  
If you are unable to lift your leg for this stretch - family member or friend might be able to assist you - thus helping decrease you pain - just move the knee to the opposite side.