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Post-Operative Exercises

It is with some apprehension that I even put this page on this website.  There should be a clear understanding that you should always follow your surgeons orders.  He did the surgery, has the liability of the surgery, and he knows exactly what you should and should not do.  If he prescribes you the exercises available on this website, then there is a clear explanation on how to do them - do them at your own risk.  If you have questions on how to do them, please write and ask and I will be happy to help you.  The goal is get you back to full function and no pain.  

At Eagle Rock Physical Therapy we have the ability to treat all your post operative rehabilitation needs.  We work closely with your surgeon and follow the guidelines set to allow for the most comfortable and successful recovery possible.  

We have enjoyed witnessing great results from helping people rehabilitate through rotator cuff repairs, ankle surgeries, joint replacement surgery, and neck and lower back surgery.  If your doctor has referred you to therapy for rehabilitation after your surgery, we would love help get you back to full function.  
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