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Patient Stories

Incontinence warning!!!  I recently started a patient whose main complaint was having severe low back after a bladder sling placement to help her with incontinence (loss of bladder control).  She had no low back pain before the surgery.  And, after additional questions, she said that her incontinence was worse after the surgery.  That is a double whammy!  The surgery caused low back pain, and it didn’t help with the original symptom of incontinence.  She was expectedly frustrated.  

While we can help her through this (we have seen this before), it is discouraging to me as a manual therapist that this person did not try conservative therapy BEFORE the surgery.  It was no fault of hers, but her doctor simply said the answer to the incontinence symptom was surgery.  Now, she has back pain, and the incontinence is not cured, and even worse.  At ERPT, we like to address why a person would have that symptom - once that is dysfunction is healed, the symptoms of incontinence diminish.  

The good news is that she is responding well to therapy - low back pain is diminishing and the incontinence is improving.  However, the effects of the surgery will stick with her forever.  I wish I could tell the world - try anything conservative BEFORE surgery.  Conservative therapy rarely, if ever, has negative effects - and no side-effects….but you can never undo a surgery - that is a permanent change on the body.  Please, if you know someone who has incontinence and is considering surgery, have them try conservative therapy first.  There are no medicines involved, it can restore the function of the bladder, and there are zero side-effects to name off endlessly - like on those pharmaceutical commercials.  Please, please, please, try conservative therapy first….it can only be beneficial.