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Patient Testimonials

We do enjoy helping our patients.  It is a great way to live...helping people feel better.  We enjoy watching people re-gain their life of being pain free again.  We have posted here a few examples of how happy people have been after coming to Eagle Rock Physical Therapy.
I came in with pain at 10/10.  I'm leaving with pain at 0/10.  I really thought I would need surgery to resolve this, but Sarah and Jacob showed me exercises that turned it all around.  I'm very grateful their diligence and therapeutic knowledge.  I feel great.  
Lois - Idaho Falls

I am very satisfied with my treatment.  I was in a lot of pain before I came and after just one visit was feeling 90% better.  Now I am at 100% no pain and am so happy!  Thank you Sarah and Jacob.
Courtney - Idaho Falls

I came in a lot pain and left feeling much better.  I enjoyed the good and knowledgeable staff.  Recovery is great.
Bruce - Idaho Falls

These therapists are excellent.  They restored my right shoulder post surgery and assisted me with the stenosis in my back.  Their training and expertise is far above prior experiences I have had with therapists.  They address all needs and adjust the therapy as you go through it if something else arises.
Betty - Idaho Falls

My experience at Eagle Rock Therapy from abdominal bloating  - back pain - leg too sore to walk.  I am now at last 2-3 inches smaller in waist area.  Liver area has only occasional pain and my legs are experiencing much less pain.  I have been treated with courtesy and friendliness.  My experience? at least 10+
Glena - Idaho Falls

I had a great experience at Eagle Rock Physical Therapy.  They attended me very well and asked a lot of questions about my pain.  You help me a lot and were really has as well as caring.
Yesenia - Idaho Falls

What I first came in I hurt in my back and up right corner and had a lot of pain and I have been going to physical therapy for 2 weeks and today is my last day and I feel great.  Thank you so much.
Brianna - Shelly

I feel like my experience with Eagle Rock has been goo - the physical therapists have helped me to have less headaches and back problems.  They taught me exercises that I am doing at home and this had been helpful as well.  They are wonderful people, Thank you.
Shirley - Idaho Falls

Sarah did an incredible job of getting my knee back into top shape after having spent the previous year in pain following a skiing accident.  After just our first session, she quickly diagnoses and corrected the issue.  I was completed in awe of how much better it felt after just a few minutes work!  And no I can't want for this summers hiking and backpacking!  Thanks Sarah!
Michael - Idaho Falls

I came into Eagle Rock PT after I was rear-ended.  I had a lot of neck and back pain.  After a couple of months of coming into Eagle Rock I am feeling much better!  I'm so glad I chose Eagle Rock, you guys are great!
Cassie - Idaho Falls

I came to Eagle Rock P.T. to address physical problems I was having.  I have always had frequent lower back pain that I knew had stemmed from a fall from a tree in my early teens, but was not aware of that falls' affect on my entire body.  It came to light when I could not perform my juijitsu classes as well as I knew I should.  Eagle Rock fixed my back pain in the first couple of visits, but more importantly had set me up with a regimine of exercises designed around my needs.  Slowly but surely I would feel improvement and wtih every visit they would adjust things internally and externally which had immediate positive effect.  Recently my company sent me to Utah where my work involved lifting heavy manhole covers, climbing fences, and being on my feet all day long.  Before seeing Eagle Rock this would have been rough to say the least and I would have been eating ibuprofen like candy, but instead I handled the work load with ease.  I am exremely happy and satisfied with their work so far and am looking forward to seeing them in the future.  
Doug - Idaho Falls

Eagle Rock, I wanted to shoot you a quick note.  I ran in the Salt Lake Marathon this past weekend and it was a great experience.  I was able to run my pace and finish with no pain or injury!  Thanks especially to Sarah, she's a miracle worker.  Thank you.
Ben - Idaho Falls